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  • Hydraulic stations and winches and control boxes were shipped to Weihai Merchants Jinling and Donghai shipyards!
    This time two batches of products, are in the contract planning date of shipment, the product has been all qualified to meet the operational requirements.
  • Congratulations on the delivery of Ouyang Offshore Platform 008!
    TaiXing Expansion Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., (EME),provided the hose winch equipment for this project, customized according to the ship's operation, and completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment within the contract period.
  • Two 160kn double drum hydraulic mooring winches were shipped to Kangping Shipyard!
    The position of this 160kn double drum hydraulic mooring winch is at the stern of the ship, which is a challenge for both the position consideration and the operation environment.
  • 2 sets of 70mm hydraulic anchor winches and 4 sets of 160kn hydraulic winches were shipped to Kangping Shipyard!
    This order requires two trucks to leave at the same time, 6 sets of equipment after three months, after the experimental work qualified for delivery.
  • One ship's set of 40mm hydraulic anchor winch and 50kn hydraulic winch was sent to Weihai Donghai Shipyard!
    This order is a professional customized equipment to meet the customer's operational needs and the environment, hydraulic series of marine machinery and equipment often load is a problem, Taixing City, TaiXing Expansion Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., (EME).
  • 5-inch and 6-inch electric hose winches sent to Weihai Merchants Jinling Shipyard
    This order is with the old customer Weihai Merchants Jinling Shipyard cooperation between again, this cooperation has customized electric hose winch are field inspection of the operating environment set the program.
  • Launching of 350FT jack-up self-propelled work platform project W6018
    The first 350FT jack-up and self-propelled work platform W6018 built by CMHI Weihai Jinling for Huake Wuzhou (Tianjin) Offshore Engineering Co.
  • 4-inch hose winch and water pump to Dajin, Jiangsu
    This order for hose winches includes winches, hoses and pumps and is a complete set of customized marine machinery and equipment.
  • Two sets of 350T quick-release hooks for shipment to Zhejiang Youlian Shipbuilding Plant for export abroad
    The 350T quick-release hook is the first customized machine in the world. Its difficulty is beyond imagination. Generally, the quick-release hook product series is based on the operation requirements within 10T. It has a complete and mature system support. However, the quick-release hook of 350T is absolutely a challenge.
  • 160kN hydraulic mooring winch to Kangping Shipyard
    mooring winch are widely used for the proximity between shore mooring and ships. Hydraulic mooring winches of this product belong to customized products, requiring 160KN power. This is a comparatively test for equipment balance. Kangping Shipyard has decades of experience in the industry. This cooperation with our company attaches great importance to our unique R&D capability and design experience, which have tremendous advantages for customized equipment.
EME was founded in 2006 and be listed in 2017. We are a professional manufacturer of marine windlass,winch, capstan and deck outfittings for seagoing vessels. All products can be customized by our experience engineering group.