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SHARK JAW offer in 2021

SHARK JAW offer in 2021

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SHARK JAW includes a pliers mouth with a U-shaped structure, a pliers body slidably mounted on the deck and an oil cylinder under the deck. The pliers mouth is installed on the top of the pliers body, and the telescopic end of the cylinder is connected with the pliers body.

SHARK JAW includes a guide rail and a guide bracket. One end of the guide bracket is slidably connected to the guide rail, and the other end of the guide bracket is connected to the clamp body. The guide rail is installed in the cabin below the deck.

When the SHARK JAW is rising or falling, the pliers body can be pulled by the guide rail and the guide bracket. When the shark pliers is working, the pliers body and the pliers mouth are not easy to rotate, and it will not affect the next rising and clamping of the pliers. Good stability.

Although the price of metal will continue to rise in 2021, Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) still fulfills its promise of high quality and low price, and continues to tailor SHARK JAW  with customers from all over the world.

Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) is the professional designer, manufacturer and exporter of mooring winch, positioning winch, towing winch, anchor winch, diesel winch, electric windlass, hydraulic windlass, diesel windlass, electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, pneumatic capstan etc. Our products are mainly for scientific research vessel, navy vessel, working barge, tug, cargo vessel, oil tanker, offshore platform etc.

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EME was founded in 2006 and be listed in 2017. We are a professional manufacturer of marine windlass,winch, capstan and deck outfittings for seagoing vessels. All products can be customized by our experience engineering group.