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Marine winches can be divided into four types according to their driving methods: manual winches, electric winches, pneumatic winches, and hydraulic winches.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into marine and land use.

The working voltage of electric winch: 380V, 220V, 110V are high voltage. 36V, 24V, 12V are low voltage (12V is direct current. 220V is alternating current) electric winches are the most common winches. Relying on the vehicle's own electric system to drive the winch, advantages: it can be used normally when the vehicle is dead fire (this is its biggest advantage, which is unmatched by other winches), especially for watery areas, it has great advantages, and the installation is simple. Realize multi-position installation and rapid displacement. Disadvantages: Can not maintain long-term use (the limitation of the vehicle's own electric system, self-heating, etc.), most electric winches can provide small driving force, and can only apply force in one direction (installed in the front of the car can only Pull forward, install on the rear can only be pulled backward).

Hydraulic winches are divided into medium and low pressure (for bulk carriers with a pressure of 50-70kg), medium pressure (pressure greater than 70kg), and high pressure (pressure greater than 150kg) according to the pressure. The advantage is large power and stable operation.

Marine winches are divided into vertical, horizontal and inverted types according to the installation situation.


Hydraulic winch driven by hydraulic motor and HPU can start smoothly. 

It will not gave impact to power supply system while start. 

It can fulfil stepless speed control by hydraulic proportional valve.

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Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) is the professional designer, manufacturer and exporter of mooring winch, positioning winch, towing winch, anchor winch, diesel winch, electric windlass, hydraulic windlass, diesel windlass, electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, pneumatic capstan etc. Our products are mainly for scientific research vessel, navy vessel, working barge, tug, cargo vessel, oil tanker, offshore platform etc.

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EME was founded in 2006 and be listed in 2017. We are a professional manufacturer of marine windlass,winch, capstan and deck outfittings for seagoing vessels. All products can be customized by our experience engineering group.