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DIESEL WINDLASS offer in 2021

DIESEL WINDLASS offer in 2021

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Diesel windlass is driven directly by diesel engine. 

DIESEL WINDLASS is a large deck machinery on ships, used to retract and release anchors and chains.

DIESEL WINDLASS is usually installed on the main deck of the fore and stern part of the ship for anchoring and mooring. Windlass is usually used in conjunction with winches. Its development trend is to use one unit to achieve anchoring, mooring, automatic mooring and mooring operations.

DIESEL WINDLASS is mainly composed of base, support, anchor sprocket, brake, sprocket, gearbox, electronic control system (except manual windlass), etc. The electric windlass has an electric motor, and the hydraulic windlass has a hydraulic pump station.

The main technical indicators of DIESEL WINDLASS include the diameter of the anchor chain, the nominal speed of anchoring, the rated load, the supporting load, several speeds, electric system, etc.

The installation of DIESEL WINDLASS on the ship should ensure that the wrap angle between the anchor chain and the sprocket is 117-120 degrees.

Although the price of metal will continue to rise in 2021, Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) still fulfills its promise of high quality and low price, and continues to tailor Diesel windlass  with customers from all over the world.

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EME was founded in 2006 and be listed in 2017. We are a professional manufacturer of marine windlass,winch, capstan and deck outfittings for seagoing vessels. All products can be customized by our experience engineering group.