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MARINE EXPLOSION PROOF WINCH with working load less than 30T can be driven by electric motor. 

Single, double , triple speeds or VFD motor are available.

VFD motor is recommended for heavy load winch as it will not bring impact to power supply system when start.

It is necessary to inspect and adjust MARINE EXPLOSION PROOF WINCH.

1. Open gear drive cm02, tooth side space is 0.42 mm, its touch area along the tooth height is not less than 40%, and the extended tooth length is not less than 50%.

2. Check whether the transmission system of the working brake is flexible and reliable, and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel when the brake is released to not more than 0.7-0.8mm.

3. Check whether the transmission system of the safety brake is flexible and reliable, and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel when the brake is released is not more than 1.5mm.

4. Check whether the operation brake and safety brake control electrical appliances are interlocked with the main motor, that is, it is recommended that the main motor work brake is released, and the main motor is connected to the operating brake, and only the safety brake is released before adjusting the recommended main motor.

Anti-skid is very important for MARINE EXPLOSION PROOF WINCH

1. Use winter gear oil or full cylinder oil for the reducer to be smooth, and the oil surface should ensure that the worm is completely immersed in the oil. The reducer is used to change the oil once a year.

2. The bearings of the main shaft bearing and the output shaft end of the reducer should be replaced on time or make up for No. 4 calcium-based grease, and the oil should be changed once every two years.

3. Fill the open gear with lubricating oil before each drive.

4. Other parts that need to be smooth should be lubricated before each drive, especially the thrust ring between the two gears on the output shaft of the reducer and the sleeve of the movable gear should be lubricated with lubricating oil.

Although the price of metal will continue to rise in 2021, Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) still fulfills its promise of high quality and low price, and continues to tailor MARINE EXPLOSION PROOF WINCH  with customers from all over the world.

Taixing Expansion Marine Equipment (EME) is the professional designer, manufacturer and exporter of mooring winch, positioning winch, towing winch, anchor winch, diesel winch, electric windlass, hydraulic windlass, diesel windlass, electric capstan, hydraulic capstan, pneumatic capstan etc. Our products are mainly for scientific research vessel, navy vessel, working barge, tug, cargo vessel, oil tanker, offshore platform etc.

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EME was founded in 2006 and be listed in 2017. We are a professional manufacturer of marine windlass,winch, capstan and deck outfittings for seagoing vessels. All products can be customized by our experience engineering group.