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Increased to 12 ships! Weihai Jinling wins another order for 3 high-end ro-ro passenger ships

Increased to 12 ships! Weihai Jinling wins another order for 3 high-end ro-ro passenger ships

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China Merchants Jinling (Weihai) has received orders for three E-Flexer high-end ro-ro passenger ships from the "old customer" Sweden's Stena RoRo Group for two consecutive days. The total number has increased to 12, ranking first in the world in ro-ro passenger orders, which has further consolidated China The shipyard's leading position in the ro-ro passenger ship market.

2 LNG-powered E-Flexer ro-ro passenger ships will be leased to Brittany Ferries

On July 22, Stena RoRo announced once again that it has ordered the 11th and 12th LNG-powered E-Flexer high-end ro-ro passenger ships from China Merchants Jinling Ship (Weihai) Co., Ltd., and has obtained long-term leases from French ferry company Brittany Ferries. The ship is contracted for a 10-year charter period and deployed on the main routes of Brittany Ferries-Plymouth in the United Kingdom and Questham (Caen) in France and Saint-Malo.

Affected by the epidemic, the contract negotiation and signing of the project was carried out in the form of a video "cloud signing". The hull numbers of the two new ships are W0275 and W0278 respectively, and they are classified as DNV, and the shore power classification symbol is newly added. Among them, the 11th ship is 194.7 meters long, 27.8 meters wide, and has a draft of 6.5 meters. It can accommodate 1,400 people and has a lane length of 2,377 meters, of which 176 meters are for passenger cars. The twelfth ship is 194.7 meters long, 27.8 meters wide, and has a draft of 6.5 meters. It can accommodate 1,400 people and has a lane length of 2,517 meters, of which 1,388 meters are for passenger cars.

As a green and environmentally friendly dual-fuel hybrid ro-ro passenger ship, equipped with two 550 cubic meters of LNG gas storage tanks, nitrogen oxides meet Tier III emission requirements, as a new generation of E-Flexer series ships, equipped with 10MWh batteries and shore power systems, It is a typical representative of safe, comfortable, green and environmentally friendly ro-ro passenger ships.

It is reported that the two ships are expected to be delivered in July 2024 and January 2025 respectively. Together with the three E-Flexer class ships ordered by Stena RoRo, these five ships will update and modernize Brittany Ferries’ ro-ro passenger fleet. The first ship "Galicia" will be delivered in the fall of 2020, the second will be delivered in November 2021, and the third will be delivered in 2023. However, the latest two ships are 194.9 meters in length, which is shorter than the previous three ships in length of 214 meters, in order to enable them to be used flexibly outside the port of Saint-Malo.

In addition to the "Galicia", the four ships under construction are all equipped with LNG power and can use other new fuels such as LNG, biogas or ammonia. In addition, the new ship will also be equipped with a large battery hybrid power module of 10 MWh for port propulsion and maneuvering. An 8 MW shore power connection system is also installed on the ship to charge the battery during docking. The large-capacity battery enables the ship to travel at speeds of up to 17.5 knots using only electricity.

Per Westling, Managing Director of Stena RoRo, said: "The advanced and reliable propulsion system developed for these ships means that this series of ships can be operated on several different fuels, and is fully prepared for new fuels that have not yet been put into commercial use."

Christophe Mathieu, Chief Executive Officer of Brittany Ferries, pointed out: “We are very pleased to confirm the two new E-Flexer ro-ro passenger ship orders. It turns out that these two orders not only meet our specific customer and market needs, but also enable us to work hard. An important step towards sustainable development."

1 LNG-powered E-Flexer ro-ro passenger ship will be leased to Marine Atlantic

Previously, on July 21st, Stena RoRo had announced the signing of an agreement with Weihai Jinling to order the 10th LNG-powered E-Flexer high-end ro-ro passenger ship. The ship is expected to be delivered in 2024, and has already obtained a charter contract from the Canadian state-owned company Marine Atlantic.

The new ship is 202.9 meters long, 27.8 meters wide, and has a draft of 6.45 meters. It can accommodate 1,100 people and has a lane length of 2,571 meters, including a 476-meter lane for private cars. After delivery, the ship will sail between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in eastern Canada.

Per Westling, managing director of Stena RoRo, said Marine Atlantic is an "old customer" of Stena RoRo. Stena RoRo delivered one ferry to Marine Atlantic in 2000 and two more in 2010, all of which are still in operation.

"We focus on making the ship design meet the specific wishes of our customers. Our E-Flexer ships meet customer requirements, combining efficient dual-fuel engines and battery-hybrid solutions in the best hull form to minimize emissions. "

Murray Hupman, President and CEO of Marine Atlantic, said: "Marine Atlantic is an essential service essential to the Canadian national supply chain. This new vessel, which will be delivered to Marine Atlantic, will play an important role in helping us continue to meet customer needs. The design of the ship combines key priorities such as maneuverability, safety, and accessibility, while minimizing the impact on the environment to provide our customers with modern, efficient and reliable services."

According to the international ship network, the E-Flexer series of high-end ro-ro passenger ships are the first batch of high-end ro-ro passenger ships built and delivered in accordance with the new DNV GL specifications. It is currently the most energy-efficient model of its class in the world, and it is also built in the history of China. One of the most advanced ro-ro passenger ships. The E-Flexer series of high-end ro-ro passenger ships is a milestone product in the process of Weihai Jinling's transformation and upgrading to build "the world's leading high-end ro-ro passenger ship construction base". The first ship "Stena ESTRID" W0263 was scheduled on November 15, 2019. The delivery realized the magnificent turn of Weihai Jinling and launched the "Made by Merchants" brand of luxury cruise ships and ro-ro passenger ships, laying the foundation for China Merchants Industry to build and build the world's leading luxury ro-ro passenger ships and cruise ships in batches in the future.

The E-Flexer series ships are based on the hull platform jointly designed by Stena RoRo and Deltamarin, but the final layout plan is determined by the charterer's requirements. Stena RoRo said that this design concept combines freight and passenger capacity and is much larger than the current standard ferry. The E-Flexer series of ships are at the forefront of the industry in terms of sustainability, setting new standards for emissions, cost and energy efficiency, and performance.

Since the first ship "Stena ESTRID", Weihai Jinling has successively delivered 5 E-Flexer series ro-ro passenger ships, including "Stena ESTRID", "Stena EDDA" (second ship) and "Stena EMBLA" ( The fourth ship is operated by Stena Line, a subsidiary of Stena RoRo, the third ship "Galicia" is leased to Brittany Ferries, and the fifth ship "Cote D'Opale" is leased to DFDS. Next, the sixth ship scheduled to be delivered in November this year and the ninth ship delivered in 2023 will also be leased to Brittany Ferries, using LNG power; the seventh and eighth ship scheduled to be delivered in 2022 will be operated by Stena Line .

After the latest 3 orders come into effect, Stena RoRo has ordered 12 E-Flexer series ro-ro passenger ships in Jinling, Weihai. Weihai Jinling currently holds a total of 9 ro-ro passenger ships (in terms of gross tonnage> 20,000), ranking first in the world.

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