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Hudong Zhonghua won another order from Evergreen for the world's two largest container ships

Hudong Zhonghua won another order from Evergreen for the world's two largest container ships

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Following the first order in 2019, Hudong Zhonghua won another order for the world's largest 24,000TEU container ship from Evergreen Shipping, further consolidating its leading position in the field of ultra-large container ship construction.

On June 18, Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and China Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd. and Evergreen Group signed a contract for the construction of two 24000TEU container ships in the form of a cloud contract. Chairman Chunlan, General Manager Chen Jun of Hudong Zhonghua and Deputy General Manager Wu Aijun of China Shipbuilding Trading signed the contract on behalf of the three parties. This is the second cooperation between Hudong-Zhonghua and Evergreen Group. The friendship between the two parties is embodied in the deep mutual trust and win-win situation, which reflects the firm willingness of both parties to promote the further development of the cooperative partnership.

In November 2019, Evergreen Group ordered four 24,000TEU container ships from China State Shipbuilding Corporation, which is the world's largest container ship with the largest container capacity. Hudong-Zhonghua took over two of them and assumed the important task of constructing the first ship. This is the first time that Evergreen Shipping has ordered an ultra-large container ship in a mainland shipyard. In addition to Hudong Zhonghua, the other two ships were built by Jiangnan Shipbuilding.

The 24000TEU container ship ordered by Evergreen Group is currently the world's largest container ship with the largest packing capacity and the largest deadweight tonnage. The ship is still independently designed by Hudong Zhonghua and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It adopts green environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, and safety. The technical design concept is built in accordance with TIER III specifications. Because of the Hudong exquisite nose bow design, large-diameter propellers and energy-saving ducts, the ship has the advantages of speed and low energy consumption, and all performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Hudong Zhonghua is a leading enterprise in the design and construction of large-scale container ships in China. For more than 30 years, Hudong Zhonghua has developed a series of container ship types ranging from 4250TEU to 25000TEU. The high-quality design and construction of 4250TEU series, 5688TEU series, 8530TEU series, 10000TEU series, 14500TEU series, 23000TEU dual-fuel container ship series, with safe, economical and high-quality standards, has built large container ships of more than 8,000 boxes for major ship owners. 60 ships. Among them are 5 world's first 23000TEU dual-fuel LNG-powered container ships, which have accumulated rich construction experience and delivery performance, and have been highly recognized by the market and shipowners.

Clarkson’s data shows that in addition to Evergreen’s 24,000TEU order, Hudong Zhonghua is currently building two 24,100TEU container ships for Bank of Communications Leasing and China Shipbuilding Leasing. It is reported that these four ships will be leased to Mediterranean Shipping, the world's second largest shipping company.

In recent years, Evergreen Marine has continued to order ships and will enter the peak period of newbuilding delivery starting in 2020, seizing market opportunities and becoming a major driving force for operational growth.

Alphaliner's data shows that the current fleet of Evergreen Marine has a total capacity of 201 ships of approximately 1.35 million TEU, ranking 7th in the world. At the same time, Evergreen Marine has orders for 71 ships of approximately 678,300 TEU, accounting for 50.2% of its existing fleet. After all the orders are delivered, Evergreen Shipping's capacity will increase to nearly 2.03 million TEU, surpassing the current sixth-ranked Ocean Networked Shipping (ONE) and the fifth-ranked Hapag-Lloyd, becoming the fifth largest container shipping in the world. the company.

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