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900 million dollars! NYK orders 12 LNG-powered car carriers

900 million dollars! NYK orders 12 LNG-powered car carriers

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Nippon Yusen has spent 100 billion yen (approximately US$912 million) to order 12 7,000-parking LNG-powered car carriers, which is by far the world's largest order for LNG-powered car carriers.

It is reported that the joint venture "Nihon Shipyard" of Imabari Shipbuilding and the Japan Shipbuilding Union (JMU) and Nihon Shipyard will share the large order of Nippon Yusen. Each shipyard is responsible for the construction of 6 7,000-seat LNG-powered car carriers. .

Compared with traditional ships using heavy fuel oil, these new ships will be able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 25% during the voyage. Based on the total price of more than 100 billion yen, the cost of a single ship is about 76 million U.S. dollars per ship. Although generally speaking, the construction cost of LNG-powered ships is about 20% higher than that of traditional fuel ships, but NYK has lowered the cost of a single ship by ordering 6 ships in batches.

In recent years, major automobile manufacturers are working to achieve the decarbonization of the entire supply chain. Volkswagen has made the use of LNG-powered ships as a de facto bidding condition; Toyota requires major component suppliers around the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, It is expected that this requirement will also be extended to shipping companies in the future. However, there are less than 10 LNG-powered ships in the current global fleet of approximately 700 automobile carriers.

According to the International Shipping Network, as one of the world's largest car carrier operators, Nippon Yusen currently operates about 100 car carriers, but of which there is only one LNG-powered ship. The company plans to increase the number of LNG-powered car carriers to 20 by the end of fiscal year 2028, including the 12 new ships ordered this time.

NYK has positioned LNG fuel as one of the bridge technologies for future zero-emission ships. In 2018, NYK ordered and built the first LNG-powered car carrier at Nilaishima Shipbuilding. This ship was delivered and operated in October last year and named "SAKURA LEADER". It can carry 7,000 cars and is a Japanese domestic shipping company. The first large-scale LNG-powered ship was built.

In February 2020, NYK added a second 7,000-park LNG-powered car carrier at Nilaishima Shipbuilding, which is scheduled to be delivered in 2022. At the beginning of this year, Nippon Yusen and China Merchants Industrial Nanjing Jinling Shipyard signed an order for four 7,000-space LNG-powered car carriers. The series of ro-ro car ships will be delivered from 2022 to 2023 and will be mainly deployed on routes in Europe and the Middle East.

According to Nippon Yusen's plan, by fiscal year 2050, the company will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by half on the basis of fiscal year 2015. Switching to LNG-powered ships is an important step to help achieve the goal of decarbonization.

At the same time, NYK is actively advancing the research and development of a new generation of zero-carbon ships fueled by ammonia and hydrogen. NYK hopes to introduce this new type of zero-carbon ship in the second half of the 2020s to further reduce the environmental impact.

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