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The latest global shipbuilding industry monthly report released(4)

The latest global shipbuilding industry monthly report released(4)

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The prices of the three new ship types continue to rise

In April, the price index for new bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships rose 3 points, 4 points and 3 points to 136 points, 155 points and 86 points respectively.

The price of new bulk carriers of various types increased month-on-month in April. Among them, Capesize bulk carriers (176/180KDWT), Panamax bulk carriers (75/77KDWT), Handysize bulk carriers (61/63KDWT) and Handysize bulk carriers (25/30KDWT) have increased in price respectively US$2 million, US$500,000, US$750,000 and US$450,000 to US$53.5 million, US$28.75 million, US$27 million and US$22.44 million;

The price of new-built oil tankers has increased month-on-month, including VLCC (315-320KDWT), Suez tanker (156-158KDWT), Aframax (113-115KDWT), and Panamax (73KDWT). -75KDWT) and Handy Tanker (47-51KDWT), the price of new ships increased from 2.5 million US dollars, 1.5 million US dollars, 1 million US dollars, 1.25 million US dollars and 750,000 US dollars to 93 million US dollars, 62 million US dollars, 50.5 million US dollars, and 50.5 million US dollars respectively. US$44.5 million and US$35.5 million;

The price of new container ships has increased month-on-month, including ultra-Panamax container ships (13000-13500TEU and 22000-24000TEU), Panamax container ships (6600-6800TEU and 3500-4000TEU), Panamax container ship (2600-2900TEU) and handy container ship (1000-1100TEU and 1850-2100TEU) new ship prices increased by 9 million U.S. dollars, 6 million U.S. dollars, 1.25 million U.S. dollars, 500,000 U.S. dollars, 1.5 million U.S. dollars, and 1 million U.S. dollars US$1 million to US$118 million, US$156 million, US$78.25 million, US$46 million, US$35.5 million, US$21 million and US$25.5 million.

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