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Beichuan Heavy Industry won orders for 1.4 billion bulk carriers from "old customers"

Beichuan Heavy Industry won orders for 1.4 billion bulk carriers from "old customers"

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Beichuan Heavy Industry has successively received orders for four 210,000-ton bulk carriers from two “old customers” with a total amount of more than 1.4 billion yuan. However, the price of the two orders has risen by more than 15% in less than two weeks. With the recovery of the cargo shipping market and the skyrocketing price of iron ore, orders for bulk carriers seem to be increasing, but the price of ships is already one day.

Taiwan AVIC orders two 210,000-ton bulk carriers


On May 20th, China State Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Beishang Heavy Industry and China National Shipping Co., Ltd. held two 210,000-ton bulk carrier projects in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Qingdao, China. The cloud signing ceremony is another in-depth cooperation between the two parties following the 180,000-ton bulk carrier project.

Dai Shengjian, General Manager of China National Shipping Co., Ltd., Yang Yu, General Manager of Asia Pacific Department of China State Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., and Gu Kechao, General Manager of Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Corporation signed the construction contract. China Shipping Co., Ltd. Chairman Peng Shixiao, Executive Deputy General Manager Mei Jiali, Zhu Tianling, deputy general manager, Zhang Min, deputy general manager of the Asia Pacific Department of China State Shipbuilding Trading Co., Ltd., and Wang Guohai, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Beichuan Heavy Industry, attended the ceremony.

The 210,000-ton bulk carrier signed this time is mainly used to transport iron ore and coal. The ship is 300 meters in length, 50 meters in width, 25.2 meters in depth, 18.5 meters in structural draft, and 14.5 knots in design speed. It has great advantages in environmental friendliness and energy saving. The 210,000-ton bulk carrier in this project is a mature ship type mainly built by Beifang Heavy Industry. Based on the original 210,000-ton bulk carrier, the hull line type has been optimized, and the economic performance of the ship is more prominent.

According to International Shipping Network, these two ships are expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2023. It is worth mentioning that due to the huge increase in orders and the soaring price of raw materials, the latest two bulk carriers have been built at a higher cost than the 210,000 dwt bulk carriers of the same type received from Yumin Shipping at the beginning of this year. 8 million US dollars.

China Shipping Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Dong Haoyun in Shanghai in 1940, and it has a decisive influence in the international shipping industry. Up to now, China Shipping and the shipyards of China State Shipbuilding Corporation have cooperated in a total of 10 large-scale bulk carrier newbuilding projects, including two 180,000-ton bulk carrier newbuilding projects with Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.

According to China Shipping, the main reason for ordering ships is to consider long-term competitiveness. In addition, the company originally operated Capesize vessels. Although the iron ore market has been volatile recently, it is still optimistic about market opportunities in the long term, so it decided to re-order. 2 large bulk carriers with 210,000 dwt.

Beichuan Heavy Industries pointed out that the successful signing of this order demonstrates China Shipping's full trust in the design and construction quality of Beichuan Heavy Industries' products, and at the same time further deepens the cooperative relationship between the two parties. Beichuan Heavy Industry will attach great importance to the follow-up design and production work, strengthen the management and control of all links, and make every effort to ensure the smooth delivery of this project on schedule. In the future, the two parties will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation to jointly respond to market challenges and promote long-term mutually beneficial development.

Alternative orders for two 210,000-ton bulk carriers of Yumin Shipping take effect

Just a few days ago, the alternative order for 2 Newcastlemax bulk carriers of 210,000 dwt of Yumin Shipping from Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. also came into effect.

Yumin Shipping recently confirmed that Beichuan Heavy Industry’s two alternative orders have been formally signed on May 7, which increased the number of Newcastlemax newbuildings at Beichuan Heavy Industry to four, and the latest two ships will be effective in 2023. Yearly delivery.


In January of this year, Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Shipbuilding Trading and Yumin Shipping held a cloud signing ceremony for the 2+2 bulk carrier project. This is another major strategic cooperation between the two parties after the 325,000-ton ore carrier project. According to the plan, the two new ships will be delivered in November 2022 and February 2023 respectively.

According to International Shipping Network, the construction cost of these four bulk carriers of Yumin Shipping is slightly higher than the price of last fall by US$2 million, but far lower than the current US$60 million quotation for this type of ship. According to sources, the ship price was negotiated at the end of last year, so the contract was signed at a low price at the beginning of this year.

This series of ships is also mainly used to transport iron ore and coal. The ship is 300 meters in length, 50 meters in width, 25.2 meters in depth, 18.5 meters in structural draft, and 14 knots in speed. Based on the excellent performance indicators of the first-generation 210,000-ton bulk carrier, the ship has carried out bow linear optimization and structural optimization, and the performance indicators and structural weight are more competitive in the market.

Yumin Shipping Co., Ltd. is the largest listed bulk shipping company in Taiwan by market value. It specializes in ship transportation, ship trading and shipping agency, and belongs to the Far East Group. In recent years, Beichuan Heavy Industry and Yumin Shipping have always maintained a good cooperative relationship. In 2017, Beichuan Heavy Industry and Yumin Shipping signed a contract for the construction of two 325,000-ton ore ships, which were successfully delivered in the second half of 2020.

According to Clarkson's data, Yumin Shipping currently has a total of 8 orders of approximately 1.38 million deadweight tons. In addition to the two Newcastlemax bulk carriers of Beijing Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, there are also four 190,000 deadweight tons built by Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding. LNG-powered Cape of Good Hope bulk carrier, and two 99,990 DWT bulk carriers built by Oshima Shipbuilding in Japan.

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