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Jiangnan Shipbuilding's world's first VLEC B cabin completed

Jiangnan Shipbuilding's world's first VLEC B cabin completed

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On May 12, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, held the completion ceremony of the world’s first Type B cargo tank of the world’s first 99,000 cubic meter ultra-large liquefied ethane carrier (VLEC), marking Jiangnan Shipbuilding The construction of 99,000 cubic meters of VLEC achieved a key technological breakthrough, and the independent research and development of the "BrilliancE®" cargo containment system realized engineering and rhythmic production.

Long Yingbin, Chairman of Pacific Gas Ships (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Ltd., Tao Yong, Vice President, Liang Miao, General Manager of Shipping Leasing Assets Department of Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Yan Hope, Customer Manager of Shipping Business Department of SPDB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Mr. Eric Kleess, President of the Eastern Hemisphere Region of American Bureau of Shipping, Qiao Mingliang, Vice President of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group, Xie Fang, General Manager of Tiai Insulation Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Huang Wenfei, General Manager of Jiangnan Shipbuilding, Zhang Jian, Deputy General Manager, Hu Ke, Director of Science and Technology Committee One, and relevant leaders and guests attended the ceremony.

Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of Jiangnan Shipbuilding, expressed welcome and thanks to the leaders and guests who specially attended the ceremony. He emphasized that since the start of construction of the first cargo tank in May 2020, with the strong support of the shipowner and the close cooperation of the construction parties, the new crown epidemic and other unfavorable factors have been overcome, and a series of core key technologies have been broken through, and finally ensured on schedule. High-quality completion. Today’s completion ceremony marks a substantial engineering breakthrough for the B-type independent cabin enclosure system based on "BrilliancE" technology. The construction materials of the B-type cabin have also formed a complete domestic-based industrial chain, realizing complete independence. control. He said that Jiangnan Shipbuilding will take today's ceremony as a new starting point and continue to follow the principle of "high-quality delivery of ships" to ensure that the world's first super-large ethane carrier with a B-type cargo tank is delivered on time and with high quality. At the same time, it actively promotes cooperation with Pacific Gas Ships (Hong Kong), actively responds to the country's "carbon peak and carbon neutral" commitment, and jointly makes positive contributions to the "carbon efficiency" of the international shipping industry.

The completed cargo tank is a diamond-shaped independent B-type cargo tank based on "BrilliancE®" technology developed independently by Jiangnan Shipbuilding on the basis of the maturity of the VLGC A-type tank. It is equipped with different tanks. The material and insulation system are suitable for loading liquefied gas products with different temperatures. The R&D team has carried out engineering analysis verification, calculation analysis and design, and engineering implementation in strict accordance with the International Bulk Liquefied Gas Code (IGC Code) and the relevant regulations of the classification society. At the same time, the B-type cabin is also obtained as a novel containment system Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Prior to this, Jiangnan Shipbuilding has delivered a batch of VLGCs for A-type cargo tanks, and has a professional construction team, nickel steel production experience and complete construction facilities, and has accumulated rich construction experience. However, the requirements for the construction of Type B cargo tanks in terms of process and construction methods, technical standards, material quality control, assembly accuracy, welding technology, deformation control and insulation installation are much higher than those of Type A tanks. At the same time, the construction of Type B cargo tanks is opposite. Heavy capacity, enclosed loading, and installation space have higher requirements. "During the construction of the first tank, we have established several project research teams, which have successively improved and solidified the workmanship, welding procedures and related process innovations, which provided a strong guarantee for the subsequent rhythmic construction of the cargo tank." The 99,000 cubic meters VLEC deputy chief technologist Zhou Qinghua and Jiangnan Heavy Industry Tank Chief Constructor Jiang Huai introduced.

The insulation system of the B-type liquid cargo tank adopts complex plate insulation, which is an important part of the liquid cargo containment system. "The insulation of each cabin is composed of more than 6000 insulation boards of different shapes, and the upper slope of the cabin is 45 degrees and nearly 9 meters high, which is difficult to install and has a high risk factor. How to transport the insulation boards to the correct installation position, Ensuring the correct installation of each insulating board is the key to the construction of this project." Chang Jian, the main manager of the second liquid tank of production and operation, introduced. The project team and the insulation manufacturer carried out three-dimensional modeling and decomposition in the early stage, and used the two-dimensional code to manage and track each board in the whole process. And carried out a lot of planning work such as research, analysis and simulation, formulated a detailed "construction guarantee plan", determined the planning of temporary transfer areas, scaffolding, "insulation board" transportation channels, and the method of parallel installation of double cabins, which greatly shortened Installation cycle.

The cargo tanks No. 4 and No. 3 on the first-built ship completed this time will be lighted and hoisted in the near future. The cargo tanks No. 2 and No. 1 are planned to be hoisted in June.

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