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Hudong-Zhonghua delivered CMA CGM's 4th 23000TEU dual-fuel container ship

Hudong-Zhonghua delivered CMA CGM's 4th 23000TEU dual-fuel container ship

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On April 27th, the fourth 23000TEU dual-fuel-powered container ship "CMA CGM CONCORDE" (CMA CGM CONCORDE) built by Hudong Zhonghua, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, was named and delivered on Changxing Island.

Xavier Leclerc, Executive Vice President of CMA CGM, He Luduo, CEO of CMA CGM China, Lin Feng, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Trading, Chen Jun, General Manager of Hudong Zhonghua, Huang Yiping, Executive Deputy General Manager, and Deputy General Manager Chi Benbin, Hu Hongyu, deputy general manager of Changxing Shipbuilding, and nearly a hundred guests from various parties including the French Classification Society attended the ceremony.

"CMA CMA CGM Concord" is the 7th ship of the 9 23000TEU dual-fuel container ships ordered by China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and the 4th ship built by Hudong-Zhonghua. In the context of the restructuring of the global shipping and shipbuilding market structure and the in-depth adjustment of technology iterative upgrades, the 23,000TEU container ship that was built in 2018 is the world’s first super-powered container ship with LNG as the main power, integrating the world’s most advanced technology and the best environmental performance. The large-scale dual-fuel container ship project, which fully demonstrates the responsibility and foresight of the world's leading shipping companies and China State Shipbuilding Corporation, has set a new standard for the world shipping industry.

Xavier Leclerc, Executive Vice President of CMA CMA CGM, delivered a speech at the naming ceremony, saying that the "CMA CMA CGM Concorde" and its sister ships are an ambitious project that will lead the industry development trend in the current and even the coming decades A landmark project in the global container liner industry.

Xavier Leclerc visited the company's factory and boarded the CMA CMA CGM Concorde. He was very satisfied with the construction situation. He said that the Type 2 ship under construction made him once again feel that Hudong-Zhonghua and CMA CGM share the same values. Both parties have the passion for excellence, the courage to meet challenges, and the spirit and ability to continue to innovate. , CMA CGM Group will further develop the long-term partnership between the two parties in 2019, and is full of confidence in the cooperation of more new projects in the future.

The 23000TEU dual-fuel container ship has a total length of 399.9 meters, a width of 61.3 meters, a cargo depth of 33.5 meters, and a deck area of 23,978 square meters, equivalent to 3.5 standard football fields, which is more than 60 meters longer than the world's largest aircraft carrier. Its revolutionary power system will be committed to a series of environmental protection medium and long-term goals and visions such as carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Compared with fuel oil, liquefied natural gas can reduce 99% of sulfur and fine particulate matter emissions; reduce 85% of nitrogen dioxide emissions and up to 20% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Chen Jun said that the "CMA CMA CGM Concorde" and the other 3 23,000TEU dual-fuel container ships that have been delivered are a symbol of the deep friendship between Hudong-Zhonghua and CMA CGM. Hudong-Zhonghua will continue to ensure the high-quality delivery of the fifth ship with high-quality construction, ensure the perfect conclusion of the project, and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation.

As the fourth product of a 23000TEU dual-fuel-powered container ship, on the basis of fully absorbing the previous ship's construction experience, the Hudong-Zhonghua construction team is guided by the production node, coordinating and optimizing the construction plan, and the production efficiency and integrity of each stage have been greatly improved. Process innovation and process optimization have become production "boosters". It only took 6 days to complete the gas trial, setting a record for the shortest series of ships; from the triumphant triumph of the conventional trial to reaching the state of refueling liquid natural gas, it was only 29 days, which was 13 days shorter than that of the No. 3 ship. During the gas trial, the construction team, the shipowner and Wärtsilä manufacturers overcame the problem of the temperature balance of the hot glycol in the gas system, which once again demonstrated the strong R&D and construction capabilities of Hudong Zhonghua and won applause from all parties. With lean production management and bold innovation of technological processes, Hudong Zhonghua once again writes new glory for China's shipbuilding industry with its excellent construction capabilities.

In the afternoon of the same day, the third vessel of the 15000TEU series container ship built by Hudong Zhonghua CMA CGM was successfully launched, adding another color to the celebration of the day.

Against the backdrop of the current boom in the container ship market, China Shipbuilding Trading and Hudong Zhonghua maintained active communication and coordination to ensure that the construction of various projects proceeded on schedule, and provided a solid guarantee and support for shipowners to achieve good economic benefits. The successful delivery of the "CMA CMA CGM Concorde" and the smooth launch of the 15,000 TEU container ship also marked closer cooperation between the parties, laying a solid foundation for the parties to strengthen cooperation in the future and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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