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74 ships! The first monthly report on the global shipbuilding industry in 2021 was released(一)

74 ships! The first monthly report on the global shipbuilding industry in 2021 was released(一)

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New orders down 53.29% YoY

According to the latest Clarkson data (as of February 15, 2021), 74 new orders were signed worldwide in January 2021, totaling 194,8552CGT. compared with 106 new orders in December 2020, totaling 4,171,619CGT, the number decreased by 32 vessels and the revised gross tonnage fell by 53.29% YoY. Compared with January 2020 global new orders of 109 vessels, totaling 1579258CGT, the number decreased by 35 vessels and the revised gross tonnage increased by 23.38% year-on-year.

In terms of vessel types, 11 bulk carriers, totaling 1093700 DWT; 6 oil tankers, totaling 7711200 DWT; 7 chemical tankers, totaling 178800 DWT; 32 container ships, totaling 173416 TEU; 9 liquefied gas carriers, totaling 9400000 cubic meters; 7 other vessel types, totaling 169635CGT; 2 offshore vessels, totaling 12285CGT.

From the viewpoint of order types, 2 new bulk carriers of Cape of Good Hope type and 9 Panama type bulk carriers were signed; 2 new VLCCs, 1 Aframax tanker, 2 Handysize tankers and 1 small tanker were signed for oil tankers; 8 new ultra-Panamax container ships, 12 Panamax container ships and 12 Handysize container ships were signed for container ships.

According to the receiving shipyard countries, the global new ship orders in January 74 ships, a total of 1948552CGT, of which 39 ships received by Chinese shipyards, a total of 735769CGT; Japanese shipyards received 12 ships, a total of 263748CGT; South Korean shipyards received 20 ships, a total of 924359CGT. revised total tons accounted for 37.76%, 13.54% and 47.44% of the global new ship orders, respectively. 13.54% and 47.44% respectively.

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