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Hudong-Zhonghua Names Duffy's 3rd 23,000 TEU Dual Fuel Container Vessel

Hudong-Zhonghua Names Duffy's 3rd 23,000 TEU Dual Fuel Container Vessel

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On January 8, the third 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container ship "Duffy Rivoli" (CMA CGM RIVOLI) built by Hudong-Zhonghua, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, was named at Changxing Island Shipbuilding Base, ushering in the opening of production amidst the low-temperature cold wave.

The "Duffy Rivoli" is the fifth of the nine 23,000-box series container ships ordered by Duffy Group in China Shipbuilding Group and the third one built by Hudong-Zhonghua. At present, the global situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still severe, and Duffy Group is actively expanding its capacity to meet the demand for daily consumer goods in Europe and America. Hudong-Zhonghua and China Shipbuilding & Trading Corporation are the joint seller of the Duffy-Rivoli, and Hudong-Zhonghua's quality construction of the powerful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly Duffy-Rivoli to meet Duffy Group's needs has been highly praised. In recent years, Duffy Group has been responding to the needs of the world.

In recent years, Duffy Group has responded to the development trend of green energy saving in the world shipping industry by ordering a series of LNG dual-fuel powered container vessels, fully demonstrating the responsibility and foresight of a leading global shipping company. 4 more 23,000 TEU dual-fuel container vessels will join the Duffy fleet in the first half of 2021. By 2022, Duffy will have 26 LNG-powered container vessels, further progressing towards its goal of net zero emissions. Hudong-Zhonghua will also continue to help Duffy Group to assume its role as a leader in the global shipping industry.


The naming of the new ship was initiated by Rodolphe Saad, Chairman and CEO of Duffy Group, and is named after the famous landmark "Rue de Rivoli" in the heart of Paris, France. Ms. Ren Xiaoyuan, the godmother of the new ship, is a recipient of the UN 2021 Young Champions of the Earth Award and has a longstanding commitment to global environmental protection. Ms. Ren's environmental spirit is in line with Duffy Group's green shipping philosophy and Hudong-Zhonghua's green shipbuilding and lean manufacturing philosophy.

The naming ceremony was attended by more than 80 guests and leaders, including Ruth Ho, CEO of Duffy Shipping (China) Limited, Audrey, Chief Commercial Officer, Ma Long, Director of Operations, Elvie, Captain of the new vessel, Gus Yue, Senior Vice President of Bureau Veritas and President of North Asia and China, Adnan, General Manager of GTT China, Lu Lin, General Manager of Shanghai Duffy International Ship Management Co.


As the 3rd 23000TEU dual-fuel powered container ship built by Hudong-Zhonghua, the construction team managed leanly and optimized the operation process comprehensively. The integrity of the vessel before the regular sea trial was greatly improved compared with the previous vessel, and the dock cycle was shortened by 1 month; from the triumph of the regular sea trial to the gas refueling state in only 42 days, which was shortened by more than 1 month compared with the previous vessel; during the refueling process, the LNG refueling volume of the vessel was reduced by 14 cars compared with the previous vessel, saving the refueling cost by 2.8 million RMB; during the dock test phase, all the gas test items of the generator and boiler were completed in only 2 days, which set a record of the fastest test for this series of container vessels of Duffy. The fastest test record was set. Hudong-Zhonghua's all-round quality construction and comprehensive shortening of the construction cycle have won the shipowner's praise.


In the near future, the Duffy-Rivoli will be operating on Duffy's flagship Asia-Europe service, FAL1, sailing from China to Northern Europe on its inaugural voyage.

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