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Hudong-Zhonghua has 2 exclusive ships! The list of world famous ships in 2020 is "shrinking" outside the "epidemic"

Hudong-Zhonghua has 2 exclusive ships! The list of world famous ships in 2020 is "shrinking" outside the "epidemic"

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Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, 2020 can be said to be an "extraordinary" year, and the shipbuilding industry is no exception. The "World Ship of the Year" 2020 list published annually by Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, a leading international shipbuilding magazine, has also shrunk significantly, from more than 10 ships in previous years to only 5 this year. This year, there are only 5 ships. However, among these five "World Ship of the Year", two ships built by Chinese shipyards were selected, both of which were built by Hudong-Zhonghua, one each by Japan's Shinraijima Shipbuilding and South Korea's Samsung Heavy Industries, and the other by Norway's VARD Shipyard.

The world's first digital smart ship - "Sakura Leader


Vessel name: "Sakura Leader

Vessel type:Car Carrier

Shipyard:Shinraijima Shipbuilding

Ship-owner: Nippon Yusen

Delivery date: October 28, 2020

Classification: Japan Classification Society

Length overall: 199.95m

Length between vertical lines: 196m

Beam: 38m

Depth: 35.54m

Design draught: 9.55m

The world's largest LNG-powered container ship--"CMA CGM Jacques Saade


Vessel Name: "CMA CGM Jacques Saade

Vessel type: Container ship

Shipyard: Hudong-Zhonghua

Ship-owner: Duffy Steamship

Delivery date: September 22, 2020

Classification: French Classification Society

Length overall: 399.99m

Length between vertical lines: 393.90m

Beam: 61.3m

Depth: 33.50m

Design draught: 16.00m

The world's largest LNG bunker vessel--"Gas Agility


Vessel Name: "Gas Agility

Vessel type: LNG bunkering vessel

Shipyard: Hudong-Zhonghua

Ship-owner: COMSAT Mitsui

Delivery date: April 30, 2020

Classification: Classification Society of France

Length overall: 135.9m

Length between vertical lines: 131m

Beam: 24.5m

Depth: 16m

Design draught: 6.6m

The strongest and most environmentally friendly multi-purpose OSV--"Island Victory


Vessel Name: "Island Victory

Vessel type: DP2 deep water installation/anchor handling vessel

Shipyard: VARD

Ship-owner: Island Offshore Management AS

Delivery date: February 2020

Classification: DNV GL

Length overall: 123.4m

Beam: 25m

Depth: 10m

Design draft: 8m

The world's largest ethane carrier--"Seri Everest


Vessel Name: Seri Everest

Vessel Type: Ethane/LPG Carrier

Shipyard: Samsung Heavy Industries

Shipowner: Seri Everest (Singpore) Pte.

Delivery date: October 30, 2020

Classification: American Bureau of Shipping

Length overall: 229.977m

Length between vertical lines: 223m

Beam: 36.5m

Depth: 22.4m

Design draft: 11.8m

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