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Shanghai, East China and China delivered 2 23000 cases of dual fuel container ships this year

Shanghai, East China and China delivered 2 23000 cases of dual fuel container ships this year

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On November 27, China Shipbuilding Group's Shanghai East China Huawei France Dafe Group built the world's largest 23000 TEU dual fuel container ship ," Dafe Royal Palace "in Changxing Island successfully named delivery.

The ship is the second ship of the same type delivered by Hudong China this year. Hudong China Shuangxi on the same day, to undertake the world's largest 24000 TEU conventional power container ship successfully started. Hudong China to work hard, to the first anniversary of the establishment of China Shipbuilding Group.

At the naming ceremony, Rudolf Sade, chairman and chief executive officer of Dafie Group, named the new ship the Royal Palace of Dafie. He Luduo, chief executive officer of Dafei China, Ma You, senior vice president of BV classification society, Zhang Dalei, general manager of ship and sea business of China Shipbuilding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Chen Jun, general manager of Hudong China, Huang Yequal leaders and guests attended the naming ceremony.

Speaking on behalf of shipowners at the naming ceremony, he Ludor said that Dafe Group conforms to the development trend of green energy saving in world shipping and is committed to pursuing the development of net zero emission shipping beyond the requirements of current environmental regulations. Shanghai and East China uphold the same values and commitment to protect the earth and energy transformation, with a strong pioneering spirit to create the Royal Palace. The ship, bearing a deep friendship between the two sides, will join its sister ship in the operation FAL1 Dafei's flagship —— Asia-Europe routes and embark on a magnificent new journey.


It is understood that, The total length of the ship is 399.9 meters, Type 61.3 m wide, Cargo hold depth 33.5 meters, Deck area of 23978 square meters, Equivalent to 3.5 standard football fields, More than 60 meters longer than the world's largest aircraft carrier. Compared to the first ship, the Daffeyac assad, On the basis of a high standard of construction, Through technological innovation, optimization of processes, For the first time, MARK III application of a new technology for nitrogen injection and inerting of insulating layer was realized, The terminal period was reduced by 67 days, The refill period is only 3 days, Gas test unmanned engine room to achieve 6 consecutive hours without alarm excellent performance, Highly praised by the ship East.

Chen Jun, general manager of Hudong China, said the successful naming and delivery of the "Dafei Royal Palace" marked the maturity of China's 23000 TEU dual fuel power container ship construction experience. The revolutionary power of the ship is not its only technical highlight, the Royal Palace and its sister ships are truly innovative ships. With the latest energy-reduction technology, they will be the world's leader in green energy power, net zero-emission shipping. Shanghai East China as China's leading shipbuilding enterprise ,23000 TEU dual fuel power container ship is the company in the field of LNG equipment and super-large container ship for many years. East China will take the new ship delivery as an opportunity, as always, to ensure the quality of the series of follow-up ships.

In addition to the delivery of two of the world's largest dual-fuel container ships, Hudong China also successfully delivered three of the world's most advanced 174 million square LNG ships, one of the world's largest LNG injection ships, three of the world's most advanced chemical ships and a series of world-leading ships during the year. Demonst a strong comprehensive construction strength.


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