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Donald Trump  virus infection,Will the cruise market affect it?

Donald Trump virus infection,Will the cruise market affect it?

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The Trump administration is at odds with the CDC over when a ban on American cruise ships will be lifted.While the CDC wants to extend the ban into next year because of safety concerns, the Trump administration is keen for the cruise industry to resume as soon as possible.However, the novel Coronavirus infected by Trump may disrupt the recovery pace of the cruise market. As the world's largest cruise market, the United States has lost its direction as the "wind vane" of the global cruise industry.

The White House has been at odds with the CDC over the past few months over whether to extend the cruise ship ban.The rejection of Redfield's proposal is also a major concern for public health officials within the administration, who believe the White House is pushing too hard to reopen the economy and encourage large gatherings in a politically motivated disregard of science.

These public officials have privately complained that the obstruction to Redfield's extension of the cruise ship ban is politically motivated because the industry is an important economic presence in Florida, which is a key swing state in the US election.

Earlier this month, Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida proposed the Set Sail Sail Act, which aims to allow cruise companies and ports to resume operations.The bill would require federal agencies led by the Department of Homeland Security to work with private sector stakeholders to develop a secure recovery plan.

Port workers rally to protest the U.S. shipping ban in Miami, Sept. 28, 2010.The rally was organized by workers, including members of the International Longshoremen's Association, ground transportation agencies and other workers.The workers at the rally called the cruise lines "job creators," called them "lifelines," and pleaded "let's get to work today."

In order to revive the US market as soon as possible, the Trump administration has been advocating the cruise industry as soon as possible.The ban has now been extended again to October 31, the same period for which CLIA members voluntarily suspend their flights.The extension of about 30 days is also seen as a positive sign, compared with about 100 days in both cases.

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