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Basic Structure of Marine Electric Winch

Basic Structure of Marine Electric Winch

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The electric marine winch is a highly efficient and reliable piece of equipment mainly composed of drum, chain wheel, anchor chain, wire rope, manual band brake, manual clutch, electric motor and control system. According to the winch arrangement, it can be left-hand or right-hand, which is selected based on your preference.

Drum – it can be either single drum, double drum or three drum according to the specific working occasions and requirements. The diameter of drum should not be less than 16 times that of the rope. The marine windlass can be fitted with or without a cable drum.

Chain wheel – it comes in two main configurations, single and double chain wheel.

Anchor chain – for electric windlass, the diameter of anchor chain is usually in a range of 16 to 93mm. In terms of manufacturing methods, we have cast steel anchor chain, welded anchor chain and forged anchor chain to be fitted with your winch.

Wire rope – for anchor winch, the nominal tensile strength of rope should be 1870 MPa or 1960 MPa.

Manual band brake – it is an extra brake fitted on the drum.

Clutch – we have claw clutch and friction clutch for you to choose from. For cable drum winch or double drum winch, the clutch should be fitted between the transmission system and the drum.

Electric motor – the winch will be equipped with marine duty motors to ensure a safe and reliable operation.

Control system – it is available with push button control box and remote control.

We offer other winch options, including:

Spooling gear – to wind the rope evenly on the drum.

Grooved drum – for improved spooling.

Limit switch – to limit the upper and lower stroke in order to ensure a safe winching operation.

Pressure roller – to spool the rope better on the drum.

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