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What is a double-chain electric windlass

What is a double-chain electric windlass

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    Introduction to double chain electric windlass

    The double-chain electric windlass is a mechanical device for casting, lifting and twisting the cable, which is located at the head of a ship.

    The roller on both sides of the sprocket can be used for twisting and drawing the cable.Windlass according to different power can be divided into manual windlass, electric windlass, electric hydraulic windlass and steam windlass.At present, sea ship windlass with electric hydraulic windlass and electric windlass mainly.In order to control the operation of windlass, the power windlass is equipped with the main command controller, which can carry out reversing operation and multi-stage variable speed control.

    Double chain electric windlass features

    Double chain electric windlass is a kind of small, light, heavy, flexible operation, safe and reliable, durable electric crane.Widely used in construction, bridge, metallurgy, mining and other enterprise site, used for material lifting and large hoisting engineering for lifting, dragging all kinds of materials and equipment.

    Maintenance instructions for base operation of double chain electric windlass

  1. It is not allowed to operate after removing the parts of the tool arbitrarily, which will not only affect the safety of the author but also cause the tool damage.

    2. If the tool has some faults or fails to achieve the original function after use, it shall be checked immediately if it cannot be used again.Check and maintain the tools regularly (about once a week), add Grease to the rotating parts such as bearings, and add Oil to the parts of pneumatic motors.

    3, use all kinds of tools, be sure to follow all kinds of safety regulations and instructions.

    4, to choose the appropriate tools to work, tools too big easy to cause work injury, tools too small easy to cause tool damage.

    5, the inlet pressure at the tool inlet (non-air compressor outlet pressure) is generally 90PSIG(6.2Kg/cm^2). Too high or too low will damage the performance and life of the tool.

    Due to different production batches and specific models, the above pictures are for reference only. For details, please contact our sales staff for specific verification.

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