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What are the requirements for Marine windlass

What are the requirements for Marine windlass

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An windlass is a mechanism for lifting and anchoring an anchor, and is also used as a mooring rope.

China's regulations have the following requirements for windlass:

1、Windlass shall be driven by independent prime mover

2、The rated tension of windlass shall be no less than 41.68d2N(4.25D2kGF), and when D<25mm, the rated tension shall be no less than 36.8d2n (3.75d2DGF). D is the chain diameter and the unit is mm.The average anchor speed should be no less than 9m/min when the rated tension is used.

3、The windlass shall be able to work continuously for 30min under rated tension and rated speed, and shall be able to work continuously for 2min under the action of overload tension not less than 1.5 times rated tension;In addition, the windlass should be equipped with overload protection device, which can be turned to medium speed when overloaded.

4、The brake device on the chain wheel of windlass shall work reliably, and can brake the anchor chain with the breaking load of 45% (when the free anchoring speed reaches 5~7.5m/s, there will still be a brake on the sliding anchor chain);A clutch shall be arranged between the chain wheel of windlass and the load shaft;Brake and clutch should be operated conveniently and reliably;Windlass operation should be able to turn smoothly and smoothly and quickly.

5、The installation of windlass shall ensure that the three eyes (hawser, chain maker, and sprocket) are in a line when the anchor chain is drawn out.

Please note that the windlass is the mechanical requirement for anchor lifting and anchoring.

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