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Purpose and structure of electric accommodation ladder winch

Purpose and structure of electric accommodation ladder winch

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Accommodation ladder winch has a variety of control methods, mainly electro-pneumatic, bulk cargo ship generally use the accommodation ladder winch,Oil tanker because of the need for safety, with more pneumatic form, Marine accommodation ladder winch is mainly used in a kind of assembly on the ship, you only really grasp its structure we can better play its performance, so below for you to introduce the use of accommodation ladder winch and structure.

1、Use for Marine winch

The electric gangway winch is a short-time working machine mainly used in the hoisting and unloading of gangway on ships.

This product is compact in structure, flexible and convenient in operation, equipped with electric control switch and reliable in use. It is also equipped with manual retracting and releasing device for emergency use of ships. When manually driving the gangway, the limit switch will cut off the power supply to ensure personal safety.

This series of winches can be installed on the deck upright or under the upper deck upside down in two mounting forms (the base type is ED type, the upside down type is EC type), and can be installed on the left and right models with symmetrical manufacture.

2、Description of Marine winch structure

This series of gangway winch is composed of flange type motor, reduction gear box, reel, two-way ratchet wrench, interlock limit switch and other components.The motors are yZ-H series horizontal blueberry connected motors without brakes.

The above is the purpose and structure of the electric gangway winch, please know!

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