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Brief description of basic operation of Marine winch

Brief description of basic operation of Marine winch

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    Marine winch is a light and small lifting equipment, also known as winch, which USES a reel to wind a wire rope or a chain to lift or draw heavy objects.Winch can be used alone, also can be used as lifting, road building and mine hoisting machinery components, due to the simple operation, large amount of rope winding, easy to move and widely used.

    As the ship winch is a very important deck machinery, so its basic operation requirements are correspondingly higher.Ship accidents caused by the wrong operation of winch everywhere.The following is a brief description of the basic operation of the Marine winch for reference only.

1、If the tool is too small, it will cause damage to the tool. If the tool has some faults or cannot reach the original function after being used, it cannot be used any more. Please check it immediately.

2、Check and maintain the tools regularly (about once a week), add Grease to the rotating parts such as bearings, and add Oil to the parts of pneumatic motors.

3、Too high or too low inlet pressure at the tool inlet (non-air compressor outlet pressure) will damage the performance and life of the tool.

4、Do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the tool after operation, in addition to affecting the safety of the author will also cause tool damage.

5、Use all kinds of tools, be sure to follow all kinds of safety regulations and instructions.

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