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The difference between Marine anchor winch and vertical winch

The difference between Marine anchor winch and vertical winch

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Anchor winch is a kind of large deck machinery on ships, used for retracting and releasing anchors and chains.The windlass is usually installed on the main deck of the fore and aft of the ship, and is used for the ship to lift anchor and anchor the cable

Vertical winch, a light and small lifting equipment, also known as a winch, that USES coils to wind wire ropes or chains to lift or pull heavy objects.Winch can be used alone, can also be used for lifting, road building and mine hoisting machinery components, due to the simple operation, large amount of rope winding, easy to move and widely used.

When deck space is limited, vertical winch is your premium choice, vertical winch can save more flat space.

Description of advantages of vertical winch:

1. Vertical electric winch provides high linear speed and high linear tension 

2. The winch capacity of this series ranges from 20 tons to 90 tons

3. Vertical winch design has few components, creating low maintenance

4. Wire rope guard plate protects wire rope from gear pollution

5. Full gear housing protects gears and helps provide personal protection

6. A single winch may be used for right or left winches

7. Motor specifications range from 3 HP to 12.5 HP, 208 V, 230/460 V, 3 phase, with thermostat relay

8. Galvanized winch provides good corrosion protection

Main technical parameters of anchor winch

1. Rated Working load 283 5kN

Nominal Speed (1st layer)15m/min

3. Supporting load Holding load 850kN

4. Diameter of Steel cable dia 42mm

5. The rope capacity of the Drum is 550m

6. System Working pressure is 15MPa

7. System flow Working flow 510L/min

9. The telephone number is 185/5371/5813

8. Electric Motor power 55+90kW

Technical parameters of vertical winch



5.4 -- HP horsepower


U-type model

230 -- VOLTAGE

G -- FINISH surface treatment

R-hand direction

Performance Data* Approximate (LBS.) Performance Data* approximate (pounds)

The Drum's capacity is * approximate

Dog Holding Capacity Claw support load: 60000lbs

Brake Holding Capacity Support load: 46800lbs

Line Pull 1st Wrap Wrap tension: 10800lbs

Line Speed 1st Wrap wraps around the first layer. Speed: 16 LBS

Stall pulling force of Stall 1st Wrap: 30300lbs

Ult Shock Load ultimate impact Load: 60000lbs

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