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What are the categories of anchor chains

What are the categories of anchor chains

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Anchor chain, also known as anchor line or anchor chain cables, is the chain used to connect anchor and ship’s hull to transfer and buffer the external force suffered by the ship, and it also can generate friction.

The anchor chain can be classified in the following ways:

1、Classified by manufacturing methods, there are cast steel chain cable, flashing welding chain cable and forging chain cable;

2、Classified by chain structure, there are stud-linkchain and stud-less chain;

3、Classified by application, there are vessel anchor chain and marine mooring chain cable;

4、Classified by steel grade, there are AM1, AM2 and AM3 for ship chain, and R3, R3S, R4, R4S and R5 for mooring chain cable. The anchor chain is divided into three grades in traditional sense, nowadays there are five more grades with the continual development, and they are R3,RQ3,R4,R4+,R5.

The anchor line accessories include Kent shackle, connecting shackle, A type swivel shackle, B type swivel shackle, end shackle and swivel.

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