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The first kiloton class pure electric freighter in the Yangtze river basin was piloted

The first kiloton class pure electric freighter in the Yangtze river basin was piloted

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    At 11:18 am on May 8, when the battery management system prompted the completion of charging, the operation and maintenance personnel pulled the charging cable connector located at the stern of "zhongtiandian 001" and the ship slowly entered xiliu river, one of the tributaries of the Yangtze river.This marks the Yangtze river basin's first kiloton class pure electric cargo ship "zhongtian electric 001" in changzhou successful trial voyage.

    The ship's battery capacity is 1,458 kilowatt-hours, equivalent to 40 electric cars.It can be charged for 2.5 hours by shore power and can last for 50 km.Based on the annual operation of 150 voyages, the annual electricity consumption is about 450,000 KWH, and 20.16 tons of alternative fuel can be used.

    According to the state grid, the successful trial voyage of the kiloton pure electric carrier is a technological revolution for the inland waterway transport of bulk carriers.This year, all efforts will be made to promote the conversion of oil to electricity from freight vessels in the Yangtze river basin, so as to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the source and push forward the in-depth implementation of the great protection of the Yangtze river.

    Jiangsu section is one of the regions with the heaviest ecological load in the whole Yangtze river basin, especially the estuary of the Yangtze river, which has become the largest and busiest navigable river in the world.At present, more than 90 percent of waterborne ships use diesel power as their propulsion systems, and their emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides are second only to those from coal-fired power plants and motor vehicles.

    State grid jiangsu electric power co., ltd. regards the ecological environment restoration of the Yangtze river as its political and social responsibility. In recent years, it has actively carried out the construction of distribution networks along the Yangtze river and inland river ports, accelerated the distribution of power lines along the eight cities along the river, and effectively reduced the discharge of ships by the port.At present, a total of 4,918 sets of various shore power systems have been built in jiangsu province, with the largest scale of shore power in China. Among them, 60.5% of the eight cities along the Yangtze river have berths coverage.Shore-based power supply can be used to supply power to ships at ports of call. Shore-based power supply can reach 57.01 million kilowatt-hours per year. Compared with power generation by oil-fired auxiliary engines, more than 20,000 tons of fuel consumption, more than 600 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions and more than 200 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced annually.

    In 2018, the strategy of promoting high-quality development of the Yangtze river economic belt put forward higher requirements for environmental protection along the Yangtze river.State grid jiangsu electric power innovation technology promotion and application, the launch of electric power replacement research in the field of freight ships, the use of shipborne power batteries to replace the navigation fuel main engine, in order to achieve zero pollution, zero emissions during the whole process of cargo ship operation and docking, further help to win the prevention and control of pollution from ships on the Yangtze river.In December 2018, state grid jiangsu electric power signed a cooperation agreement with a new energy shipbuilding enterprise to jointly build the first kiloton class pure electric cargo ship in the Yangtze river basin in changzhou.The ship's successful trial voyage marks the beginning of a new chapter in clean energy alternatives for cargo ships in the Yangtze river basin.

    "With the continuous maturity of electric ship technology and the gradual decline of battery cost, electric ship will surely embrace a huge opportunity for development. We will continue to do a good job in the construction of supporting power grid, improve the electric ship charging service network, and contribute to the national Yangtze river protection strategy and the development of electric ship industry."State grid jiangsu electric power marketing director li yao hong said.

    According to the state grid, with the development of battery production technology and battery energy management technology, it is conservatively estimated that only inland river cruise ships, ferries, government ships, tugboats and short-distance cargo ships will be electrified, and the market size of electric ships will reach 45.3 billion yuan by 2024."The beijing-hangzhou canal area accounts for nearly a third of the total number of inland waterway transport vessels in China. The promotion and application of pure electric transport vessels in the future will change the energy structure of water transport in the Yangtze river, prevent pollution at the source and protect the 'green mountains and waters'."Jiangsu province transport department port and shipping business development center senior engineer fan xiaofeng told reporters at the trial site.

    It is estimated that the electrification of 100,000 transport vessels in the Yangtze river delta region will drive the development of related industries such as ship design, construction, refit and charging equipment, and the output value will exceed 100 billion yuan. At the same time, a large number of jobs will be created and the economic development of the Yangtze river delta will be boosted.

    On the same day, its release "service is the Yangtze river protection" at the jiangsu electric power project practice report, with "watching a river water" as the theme, coordinated development, to ensure the safety of power grid operation from the grid as a whole, services, new energy development and utilization, and promote the development of clean energy and beautiful countryside construction service, further to disclose its power in the Yangtze river in jiangsu big protection launched 15 aspects of 39.

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