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Electric windlass mechanical instruction

Electric windlass mechanical instruction

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Electric windlass

Mechanical instruction

一、Mechanical construction

Electric windlass is driven by electric motor, and consists of gear box/ gypsy/ band brake/ clutch/ main shaft/ base, etc.

1.Gear box

Windlass driven by a motor through gear box of the three stage gear drive, to output shaft, change its speed to output speed required for practical work. Since the work of the motor speed is high, you need to dip lubrication; gearbox has a good sealing performance, gearbox is equipped with the dipstick, vents and unloading port. Before using the new machines, injection of clean oil to the middle of dipstick in the place, generally adopts middle load industrial gear oil L-CKC220, L-CKC320 in GB 5903. Lubricating oil (mineral oil) viscosity and brand recommended for reducers under different environment temperatures as follows: 

2.Gypsy Ass.

It is consisted of sliding bearings, gypsy etc. The gypsy is casting steel, and

mounted on the main shaft (Gear box output shaft) through sliding bearings, its force is transmitted by the clutch.

3.Manual band brake


4.Manual clutch



The machine base is a whole type of common base, for welding structure. When installing, the base will be welded to customer’s base

二、Operating method


Please check the following and be sure that all parts are in order before operation.

1Check whether the reducers, bearings are well lubricated or not.

2Check whether the bolts are loosening or not.

3Check whether is there any obstacle around the windlass.

4Checking the abrasion of brake band (ΔS≤2mm). Making sure there is no oil or grease on the surface of brake band and brake hub. And examining the reliability of brake.

2Running of windlass

1Now, close the clutch of the gypsy, open its manual brake.

2To realize pull in and pay out cable chain and high /low speed control, through master switch in control box to control motor.


If the windlass will be idle for long time, the clutch should be disengaged and brake should be tightened.


1The operator should know clearly the operation preparation and operation order.

2All rotation parts should be coated with grease. Also please check the oil level in the gear box at intervals and ensure the gears can be lubricated nicely.

3Each time after lubrication, the windlass should run at idle for a few seconds so that all parts can be lubricated well.

4The surface should be clean. The exposed surface should be greased at regular intervals to prevent rusting.

5Check the cable chain at regular intervals. Defected chain should be replaced immediately.

6Check whether there is deformation or cracks on the structure and check the bolts loose or not. If there were any defects, get rid of it.

7Cover it with casing when it is in idle condition.

8Lubrication:ZG-3GB491-87Calcium grease.

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