Hose winch

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Hose winch

The winch is used to extract water on offshore platform, use the winch to pay out the    submersible pump under water, from submersible pump to hose, transport seawater    to the platform. When working, the pump can be adjusted at any time according to the    needs of the winch without stopping. The electric lifting winch is responsible for the    pulling in and paying out of the submersible pump group and hose, when the lifting    winch is pulling in submersible pump and hose, the storage drum is rolling up and    storing the hose, when the lifting winch is paying out submersible pump and hose,    the storage drum is releasing hose at the same time.

This winch driven by electric motor consists of electric lifting winch/ storage drum    reducer and open gears/ storage drum device/ electric wire slip ring/ water slip ring/    guide roller/ frame base etc.

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