45T wind blade hoisting sling

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Requirements for the use of fan hoisting slings:

1) Satisfy the requirements of a single crane for hoisting large blades in the air for installation and fine-tuning, with opening and closing, clamping, pitching, rotating and other actions.

2) The target blade is the LZ75-6.0 blade, the length of the blade is 75 m, the weight of the blade is 33 000 kg, and the center of gravity is 22.35 m; taking into account the versatility of hoisting other blades.

3) Blade hoisting conditions: The wind conditions are restricted to be below level 4 wind.

4) The manipulator clamps from the leading edge of the blade, and the clamping position is about 5 m away from both sides of the center of gravity of the blade, and the clamping position error is <+1 m.

5) The crane uses the spreader to install the blades to perform effective operations in the air in a 0°~-40° pitch attitude and a +130° rotation attitude industry.

6) Choose the appropriate clamping method, clamping force, clamping material and clamping area, so that the blade can withstand reasonable pressure without damaging the surface structure and surface coating of the blade.

7) The action drive of the spreader is powered by the ground 380 V wired power supply, and the action command is operated by the ground wireless remote control.

8) The pitch and brigade rotation angles of the manipulator are monitored by sensors and displayed on the ground manipulator

9) The mechanical action of the spreader has a locking function to avoid accidents in the lifting process caused by misoperation.

10) The structure of each part of the manipulator can be disassembled to facilitate transportation and site assembly.

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