100T Triple quick release hook

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Triple quick release hook

Quick release hook is used for fast rope mooring and rope releasing on dock. 

It is mainly consisted of electric capstan/ hook locking and releasing part/ hook body/ hook base and so on.Quick release hook units are available with single or multiple hooks in capacities from 30t to 200t.Each hook cantilevers from the mounting base and the design ensures the hook cannot impact the deck under any loading configuration.Quick release is designed to be released by an operator when a mooring lime is attached,even under full load.

Quick release hook has the functions of fast rope mooring and rope releasing. While rope mooring, pull the mooring rope to hook through leading rope, then fix mooring rope on hook. While rope releasing, press quick release button, the hook turns quickly under tension on rope, rope will takes off from the hook, quickly and conveniently. This quick release hook can helps saving time on rope mooring and rope releasing, and reduces the labor of site operators. Especially when dock or ship is in emergency, ensure the ship gets away from dock quickly, ensure the safety of ship and dock. All electrical components used on quick release hook are explosion proof.


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