450kN Hydraulic towing winch

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Hydraulic towing winch

Towing winch is widely used in tugboat. Single drum, double drums are available. 

For double drums, waterfall configuration is the normal selection. The lower drum is used for anchoring, the upper used for towing.

The nominal speed depend on working load of winch, larger load with slower speed. 

Usually the speed is around 3-10m/min, the drum capacity is about 500-1500m. 

Spooling device is optional.

Electric driven mode is used for smaller towing winch and hydraulic for big winch.

Local control stands and remote control panel are optional. 

Emergency release system is required as per class rules..

The rope length and tension display and constant tension are available.

Braking force =working load×3

Bollard pull=HP/10=KN

Nominal pull=bollard pull×1.5

450KN hydraulic towing winch

Technical specifications:

Working load: 450KN;

Working speed: 5m/min;

Holding load: 900KN;

Drum capacity: 48mmx650m;

450kN Hydraulic towing winch.jpg

450kN Hydraulic towing winch.jpg

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