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The first in the world! CSSC Mitsui delivers WinGD 9X92DF dual-fuel engine

The first in the world! CSSC Mitsui delivers WinGD 9X92DF dual-fuel engine

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On August 5, 2021, the world’s first CMD-WinGD 9X92DF dual-fuel main engine developed by Winterthur Engine Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Power Group, and manufactured by Shanghai CSSC Mitsui Shipbuilding Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., successfully completed the set The performance test of the rack was successfully delivered to the customer, and it was unanimously approved by the shipowner, classification society and shipyard.

The maximum power of CMD-WinGD 9X92DF is 42560kW. As a new member of the X-DF engine family, the WinGD X92DF dual-fuel main engine inherits the excellent characteristics of the X-DF engine family. High thermal efficiency, large single cylinder power, low operating cost, good economy, environmental protection, and can directly meet IMO TierIII emission requirements in gas mode.

In July 2020, CSSC Power (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group signed an order contract for 2+8 WinGD9X92DF main engines. This series of main engines will be built by Shanghai CSSC Mitsui Shipbuilding Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and will be used in the 14000TEU dual-fuel powered container ship built by Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding for Shanghai Greathorse International Ship Management Co., Ltd. (Greathorse International Ship Management Co., Ltd.). What is delivered this time is that this series of orders is the first host.

The project was officially undertook in August 2020 and delivered successfully in August 2021. It took 13 months to once again set the production cycle record of CSSC Mitsui's world's first machine. During the entire initial production process, CSSC Mitsui actively mobilized all forces, from R&D and design to manufacturing, from production assurance to quality control, from supporting management to commissioning services, all departments worked together to deliver perfect answers to customers. We have not failed our customers' trust in CSSC Mitsui.

The successful submission of the CMD-WinGD 9X92DF dual-fuel main engine indicates that CSSC Mitsui has become increasingly mature in the production and manufacturing capacity of the super-large WinGD X series dual-fuel main engine, laying a solid foundation for subsequent mass production of the super-large WinGD X series dual-fuel main engine . The X92DF series dual-fuel main engine has become the most competitive core product of CSSC Mitsui. As of July 2021, a total of 28 global orders for the X92DF series main engine have been effective, and all of them will be manufactured by CSSC Mitsui.

At present, the X92DF dual-fuel main engine has become one of the main propulsion schemes for ultra-large container ships. As the world’s largest power intelligent electronically controlled green main engine, X92DF will gradually rely on its excellent emission performance, good economy and reliability. Get the favor of more shipowners. With the increasingly stringent requirements of the International Maritime Organization IMO on ship emissions, the dual-fuel main engine market has further expanded. CSSC Mitsui has kept up with market demand and continuously expanded the dual-fuel main engine model spectrum to enhance the competitiveness of the company. It has created a power R&D and manufacturing force that can endure hardship, dare to fight, and is reliable, providing a strong impetus for the high-quality development of China Shipbuilding Power Group.

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