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74 ships! The first monthly report on the global shipbuilding industry in 2021 was released(三)

74 ships! The first monthly report on the global shipbuilding industry in 2021 was released(三)

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Completion volume up 105.53% YoY

Clarkson statistics show that 171 new ships were delivered by global shipyards in January 2021, totaling 11,244,012 dwt. Compared with December 2020, when 132 new ships were delivered to order globally, totaling 5,470,727 dwt, the number rose 29.55% YoY and the dwt rose 105.53% YoY. Compared with the global shipyards delivered 216 new ships, totaling 13,166,053 DWT in January 2020, the number fell by 20.83% year-on-year and the DWT fell by 14.60% year-on-year.

From the perspective of vessel types, the number of bulk carriers delivered was 48, totaling 5,096,850 dwt; the number of container ships delivered was 19, totaling 83,256 TEU; the number of oil tankers delivered was 24, totaling 3,134,095 dwt; the number of chemical tankers delivered was 16, totaling 4,45824 dwt; the number of liquefied gas carriers delivered was 19, totaling The number of deliveries of offshore vessels was 18, totaling 63525 dwt; the number of deliveries of other vessels was 27, totaling 277304 dwt.

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