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How does lifeboat winch work when it is mounted on both sides of the ship

How does lifeboat winch work when it is mounted on both sides of the ship

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    Lifeboat winch is the equipment installed on both sides of the ship to help the davit, pulley and cable to lower and lift the lifeboat. It can not only lift and release the lifeboat, but also can lift and release all kinds of working boats for all kinds of sea operations.

    Lifeboat winch is composed of flange type motor, reduction box, speed regulating brake, centrifugal clutch, drum, safety protection device, handle and other main parts.

    The flange motor is mounted on the side of the reducer casing.The drum is welded structure, symmetrically arranged on both sides of the reducer.The reducer casing is also of welded construction and each gear is lubricated by splashing.The speed regulating brake is the main part of the Marine winch, and its main function is to limit the falling speed of the lifeboat in the specified speed range.The centrifugal clutch can engage or disengage automatically according to the motor speed.

    When starting the boat, just start the motor.When the motor reaches a certain speed, the centrifugal clutch will engage automatically, and through the gear transmission of the reduction box, rotating the drum, the boat will rise with the retract of the wire rope.

    At the same time, the brake wheel on the brake shaft also rotates to the boat, and the empty sleeve on the eccentric sleeve of the brake plate.Because there is an eccentricity between the rotation center of the brake plate and the rotation center of the brake wheel, it can be removed from contact, but the brake plate will help the dead weight to fall, reattach to the brake wheel, and then be picked up and dropped.So in the whole process of starting the boat, the brake plate is always in a floating state.At this point the brake handle is placed on the adjustment bolt, so that the positive pressure between the brake plate and the brake wheel disappear, but without braking effect.The centrifugal governor mounted on the brake wheel also rotates in the direction of the boat.At this point, the governor does not play a role in regulating speed.

    In the process of starting the boat, if there is a power failure or the lifeboat needs to stop rising, as long as the motor is turned on and off, the brake wheel will immediately rotate to the direction of releasing the boat. At the same time, the brake plate also falls on its own weight and is close to the brake wheel.Due to the eccentric action of the eccentric sleeve, a large braking torque will be generated, making the ship lifeboat stay in the desired position.No danger of lifeboat falling to the surface due to power failure.

    When releasing the boat, just lift the brake handle, and the eccentric sleeve connected with the brake handle rotates at an Angle.And the empty sleeve on the eccentric sleeve of the brake plate is due to the role of the block, so that it can not turn, can only move horizontally, and the brake wheel from the release of the brake.At this point, the ship lifeboat depends on the dead weight automatically drop.At the same time, the centrifugal governor with the brake wheel to the direction of the boat rotation, the governor of the speed block is due to the effect of centrifugal force to the external pressure to the governor housing, friction torque, play the role of speed regulation, control the ship lifeboat falling speed.

    If the ship's lifeboat is to stay in a certain position, as long as the brake handle is lowered, the eccentric sleeve will rotate accordingly by an Angle, pulling back the brake plate and sticking to the brake wheel.At this point, due to the eccentric action of the eccentric sleeve, the brake torque, the ship's lifeboat immediately stopped to lower.

    At the same time, because the centrifugal clutch is in the release state, so in the process of the release of the boat, the motor will not turn with the boat lifeboat.

    Above is the lifeboat winch is installed on both sides of the ship is the working principle, please know.

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